Elite CFO Services guides the organization by executing three major CFO Responsibilities:

Operational CFO

The Operational CFO is an excellent option for companies looking for expertise in operational processes and financial reporting.

Your Operational CFO manages the Responsibilities and Deliverables of:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Staff Accountant
  • Controller

As your Operational CFO, we will ensure the company is implementing efficient processes and receiving timely, and reliable financial reports that can be presented to key stakeholders. In addition, the Operational CFO will collaborate with management in business planning, budgeting, and income and balance sheet updates.

Financial CFO

The Financial CFO is suited for start-up companies, growing and turnaround situations looking for leadership in monitoring liquidity, maximizing cash flow and profitability.

Your Financial CFO manages the Responsibilities and Deliverables of:

  • Treasury Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Vice President of Finance

Having a Financial CFO on your team will bring confidence in your decision-making by monitoring the organization’s financial activities and performance; regularly evaluating transactions, investments and trends affecting the financial statements.

Strategic CFO

The Strategic CFO is specially designed to benefit high capacity entrepreneurs and business owners looking for a catalyst to help them overcome business challenges or capture opportunities.

As your Strategic CFO, we focus on formulating, evaluating and implementing strategic decisions unique to your business and specific market.

By prioritizing both internal and external goals, we execute your objectives making it easier running your business.

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