Step 1: Discovery and Goal Development

It is difficult to measure value creation without establishing a baseline.

Let’s start by understanding where your company is today... and where you want to be in the short and medium-term. This includes, among other things, understanding:

  • Company history
  • Industry
  • Supply chain(s)
  • Key drivers
  • Employee processes
  • Company needs and priorities

 Step 2: Analysis and Evaluation

Using your goals and objectives as a guide, we collect data and analyze the feedback from your current systems and processes.

We will gather:

  • qualitative and quantitative information
  • review processes and structure
  • perform clean-up when necessary
  • validate operational systems

 Step 3: Review & Design

After a formal review of our Assessment, Elite CFO Services structures a detailed plan and strategies that generate the best returns for our clients.

 Step 4: Implementation

It is a process to get all parties on the same page, helping them see the big picture and aligning everyone's interest.  In doing so, we coordinate a timeline that prioritizes key benchmarks that provide structure and measurable results.

 Step 5: Monitor

We conduct periodic reviews of your company’s financial results and refine people processes, technology and systems so you can stay focused on driving your business.

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