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Would you like to have a Fractional CFO help solve your business challenges?

You’re not the only one.

Many business owners secretly struggle maintaining a firm grasp on their finances. As a result, more and more of them are doing something about it.

If Annual Sales are greater than $50MM, you’re likely considering hiring a full-time Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”). If Revenue is less than $50MM, then you might benefit from a Fractional CFO.

As a Fractional CFO Service firm, we support our client’s goals by bringing a corporate-level approach to their finance and accounting operations. Below are a few of the common areas our clients use our services.

4 Ways to Leverage A "Fractional CFO"

  1. Refining Financial Reporting Processes: Improving your company’s financial reporting “systems” (i.e. procedures, policies and technology) to get the correct reports on a timely basis leads to increased efficiency and valuable insights on performance metrics.
  2. Financial Coaching: Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who are not “financially minded” look at financial statements and see numbers on a page. Elite CFO Services helps Managers see behind the numbers and translate trends into an operational storylines. Thus, giving Entrepreneurs and Management valuable information for desired Action Plans.
  3. Managing Key Stakeholders: Managing Investors, Lenders and Boards is demanding on top of dealing with day-to-day business activities and personnel. Therefore, bringing in a professional who delivers the right financial packages for all stakeholders will alleviate burdens.
  4. Preparing for a Transaction: Due diligence, discounted cash flows, deal structure and tax consequences are only a few of the considerations to weigh when buying or selling a business. A Fractional CFO sorts through all the financial matters to give you the leverage you need in negotiations.

Stephen Perkins